Work is nuts!

Sorry for the hiatus in blogage of late. Work has been particularly busy with publications and horrid database crapola to contend with.

I absolutely love my job and I’m quite lucky in that I get to do all sorts of groovy things such as podcasting, giving talks, playing with new technology, international conferences, and generally I’m encouraged to come up with ideas and experiment with things! Part of my brief involves being watchful for future technological trends!!!

Consequently, I often work after hours, as essentially anything web 2.0 related such as blogging etc is work-related in a way.But sometimes, the pressure is on. There are a couple of major things I need to have under control before I begin my holiers later this month, so the energy is going there rather than the fun stuff.

That said, I’m tweaking a bonkers 80s mix for release shortly. Whatever credibility I may have shall be dissolved in an instant! I’ll probably never live it down…. but who can resist Colonel Abrams, eh?



  1. eguinan

    Conor, after years of a rather boring and unrewarding job, I’m guilt-free about enjoying it now. At bloody last!

    Playing god, doctor? Isn’t that what you medics do?

    Orn, I have an *audience* to be mindful of! Ha ha! 😉

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