Rather Good Track No. 321 Di Johnston: Trite

Image of Di Johnston

Here’s another lovely thing that floated into my downloads folder. It’s by some young woman called Di Johnston, whose mummy and daddy were diplomats in Hong Kong (whyever that matters, I have no clue). We also learn that she does voiceovers  “including Lincoln Mercury, Pantene, Lenscrafters, Verizon Wireless, PNC Bank and CMT. In 2006, she was selected as the announcer for the Miss America Pageant.” We obviously must buy her album immediately.

Anyway, this track is a rather pleasing electronic wafty sort of thing which won’t scare the neighbours, yet lyrically tackles the conundrum facing first time buyers  when choosing mortgage providers. * It’s from an album called The Shanghai Restoration Project presents Di Johnston, which sounds rather promising, does it not?

Download Trite by Di Johnston (guilt-free legal download kiddies!)

* This bit not strictly true.



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