The Day Before You Came

Image of Stephen Coates of The Real Tuesday Weld

Ok, couldn’t resist posting this. It’s a version of Abba‘s minor 1982 hit The Day Before You Came by English eccentrics, The Real Tuesday Weld.

Now, I rather love the original which was a last gasp of genius from an act who had mentally if not physically split up, and it was a far cry from the uber-pop of Super Trooper, SOS, Gimme Gimme Gimme et al. It’s an odd spoken word track in which the lonely protagonist lists all of the mundane things that a person does in the course of an average day. In fact, were it not for the title, this would  be up there with the best of Joy Division in terms of misery.

The Real Tuesday Weld I know very little about other than when I saw them support The Magnetic Fields in Dublin a few years ago, I was most impressed by their stylish suits and foppish hairstyles. Terribly English, terribly knowing and terribly arch. One track, Bathtime in Clerkenwell, is a skittering 1920s type thing but quite untypical of the act. Anyway, all very clever if a little cold overall, I thought.

And yet here is their version of The Day Before You Came, and yes, where Agnetha managed to fill the words with pathos, steering along the right side of camp, TRTW’s cover transports us to London and laces things with ennui and one eyebrow aloft. It’s still a tad sad though. One can visualise this very trendy young buck at the weekend grumping about having to smoke outdoors and looking underfed.

So the person did come along the next day, but Stephen Coates probably lolled about on the bed smoking a cigarette before doing the crossword.
I don’t quite know what to make of it really.  See what you think.

Download The Day Before You Came by The Real Tuesday Weld (128kbps mp3)

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  1. David Minogue

    hi Enda, I quite like it, thanks as ever for the link, I noticed the whole album it’s taken from can be added to the playlists too,
    I rem seeing them at the Olympia too,
    I love the subjects you write about on your site and all the great links, thanks for your comments on my recent posts, I always value them,

  2. orn

    this sad song but yet with a hint of a better future for the storyteller, must be one of my favourite songs, at least favourite abba song. and a great performance by agnetha. so i must say im looking forward to hear this version of the song.
    and then there was also the blancmange version that even used bits from the original abba video in their video!!

  3. eguinan

    I forgot the Blancmange version. Must scout the net for it; I’d love to hear it again.

    As for fave Abba songs, Knowing Me Knowing You is mine. So miserable themeatically yet it sounds like an upbeat pop song. They were so good at that.

  4. emma

    I, like you am a hardcore ABBA fan. What is wrong with ABBA that they don’t do a reunion tour? I think it is the girls that are holding it back, I think one of them is a recluse now, no? But personally I would pay 300 quid for a ticket. Why is life so unfair? Why are talentless lip synchers like the Spice girls getting 20 mill a pop for a reunion concert when what the world really needs right now is an ABBA reunion tour. sob.

  5. eguinan

    Welcome to the party, Emma.

    It seems that Agnetha has the heebiejeebies about touring and publicity – the others might be up for it. Even a couple of years ago when Agnetha released a solo album, she just cancelled all publicity for it at the last minute, poor love. I’d easily pay a Streisand-load for a ticket to see them, but I wouldn’t cross the road to see the Spice ‘Girls’.

    Life is, indeed, unfair. Dammit to hell!

  6. robin

    ‘Super Trouper’ never fails to choke me up.

    Throbbing Gristle were big ABBA fans, btw, no foolin’. (Now there’s a reunion double bill for ya.)

  7. eguinan

    Hmmmm, well only Galway people use ‘amn’t’ and you know Daragh and you know that I would know Daragh. You may be a Garbally bumpf from the past. The intrigue of it all!

  8. Bumpf

    I hardly think it’s fair to say that only a Galway muck-savage would use that contraction. Daragh, I certainly would have thought was known in his own right – having been a *shudder* popular music (coma deliberatly ommitted) television presenter.


  9. eguinan

    Ok, are you Fr. Andy Riley? Fr. Desmond Coyle? Fr. George Byrne? Fr. David Nicholson? Fr. Declan Lynch? Fr. Ken Sweeney? Fr. Neil Hannon? Fr. Keith Cullen? Fr. Ciaran Donnelly? Fr. Mick McEvoy? Fr. Jack White? Fr. Henry Bigbigging? Fr. Hank Tree? Fr. Hiroshima Twinkie? Fr. Stick Bubblecart? Fr. Johnny Hellzapoppin’ ? Fr. Luke Duke? Fr. Billy Ferry? Fr. Chewy Louie? Fr. John Hoop? Fr. Hairy Cakelinum? Fr. Ebula Conundrum? Fr. Peewee Stairmaster? Fr. Tight Head Lips? Fr. Jemima Racktouey? Fr. Jerry Twig? Fr. Spodo Komodo? Fr. Canabrana Lammer?…..

  10. Bumpf

    Have a few more. Sometimes we all need to whig out and say things that we haven’t necessarily haven’t thought through.

  11. eguinan

    It’s Friday evening. I’m still in the office trying to get a zillion things done. I’m fried. I shall resume guesswork anon, Mystery Personage.

  12. Bumpf

    Go on, finish up. Go home, chill. Then get packed and enjoy your holidays. Stay happy.

    I’m no great mystery.

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