Mix Time: Nude Techno Dancing

Image for Nude Techno Dancing mix

It’s bop time again! And just in time for the (lack of) summer here in the north of Europe. I’m convinced that Rihanna’s Umbrella has been at number one for ten weeks because the entire wash out of a season has been one long marketing exercise for her ode to rain gear. Quite who orchestrated such a campaign is beyond me, but I’d hire them.

But I digress.

One is off to London on Sunday (if it isn’t submerged by then) for the start of a fortnight’s hols. And I really can’t wait. Next Thurs, I’ll be off to Brazil for a college pal’s wedding (any excuse really). It’s in Campinas, which is a little outside Sao Paolo, and then we spend a few days in Paraty (pictured) before jetting back to London and me to Dublin. I’m bouncing with anticipation!Image of Paraty

So I want you to bounce to my latest mix. It’s got the usual liberal sprinking of Wendy house from Seamus Haji. And once again the Freemasons have managed to turn one of Beyawnce’s turgid R&B dirges into disco gold. My favourite is a kickin’ cover of the Yazoo (or ‘Yaz’ if you’re American) classic ‘Don’t Go’ by Frooty Collective, a promo I found at djmag.com (you heard it here first kids!).

So, it builds from a gentle Roachford to some ballsy grindy stuff (and a very boring segue to Jackson 5), takes off around track 5, then chills out a bit again until it descends into total arms-in-the-air houstastic divatastic joy and gets all intense with Donna Summer and then… lights go up, crowd goes crazy and… Nitelink (or find a houseparty fast)!

The title is a tribute to the latest trend in dancing that’s catching inner north Dublin by storm. Watch out world!


  1. Ride The Storm (Life Goes On) * Roachford vs Carl Kennedy vs MYNC Project
  2. Guilty (Club Mix) * De Souza feat. Shena
  3. ABC (Freemasons Extended Edit) * The Jackson 5
  4. Rock Da House 2006 (Soulshaker Remix) * Tall Paul
  5. Don’t Go (Main Room Mix) * Frooty Collective feat. Cloella
  6. Push The Feeling On (Belocca Remix) * Nightcrawlers
  7. Hypnotised (Club Mix) * Sebastian Leger feat. Gia Mellish
  8. Fallin’ (Sam La More Remix) * Sadie Ama
  9. Take Me Away (Haji & Emanuel Remix) * Haji & Emanuel
  10. Overpowered (Seamus Haji Mix) * Roisin Murphy
  11. Umbrella (Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Club Remix) * Rihanna
  12. Green Light (Freemasons Club Remix) * Beyoncé
  13. Say It Right (Junior Vasquez Mix) * Nelly Furtado (audio a bit dodge on this one, but had to have it)
  14. I Feel Love (Castelli & Brevetti Mix) * Donna Summer

Download Nude Techno Dancing (Remastered mp3, 90 mins, 87.8mb) [mediafire link]

Like this? Go for a good boogie this weekend and let your hair down. You’ve SO earned it.



  1. alan

    Have a super duper time on your hols, safe in the knowledge that those of us left behind aren’t in any way jealous or nuttin… Nosirree, not one bit.

    Totally not jealous at all…

  2. Brian

    We don’t care that you’re going for a weeks holiday to Brazil. We don’t care, gettit. Pics, bloggable things, would ya feck off!

  3. Brian

    and yes, I am the cat that didn’t get the cream. Of much more relevance than your status honeymoonicus is the fact that I am thoroughly enjoying the Pets wonderful Battleship Potemkin soundtrack. Walked around in the rain with it today, an ideal soundtrack.

  4. eguinan

    Brian, are you *still* pissed that Take That’s last single didn’t do as well as the others?

    Anyway, Potempkin is perfect for rain-soaked Saturdays. Not that I’m all that bothered as I I’ll be sunning myself on a Brazilian beach next Saturday 😛 Love you! Mwah!

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