Spider Pig

Image of Irish Top 10 So, I come home from Brazil having been disconnected (happily) from newspapers/web/TV/etc, turned on the Mac and checked the charts. Spider Pig by Hans Zimmer is in the UK Top 40. I don’t know what this is.Then I discover that it’s a track from the Simpsons Movie soundtrack and is just over 60 seconds of an odd version of the theme from the really old Spiderman cartoon, but it’s about a pig. And people have decided to cherry pick this track from the album available for download. Enough people to send it into the Top 40. Class.And even better, enough people in Ireland decided that it was genius enough to send it to number three! And number four is Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey. Say what you like about the Irish, but we are a funny bunch of fuckers.Here, for your perusal, are the lyrics to Spider Pig.Homer Spider Pig

Spider pig

Spider pig

Does whatever a spider pig does

Can he swing

From a web

No he can’t

He’s a pig

Look Out

He is a spider pig

If you feel like purchasing Spider Pig, you can do so here.In slightly more sane news, Robin with Kleerup’s fantastic ‘With Every Heartbeat’ has made number one. I’ve been raving about the track since I first heard it last December and I’m happy to be proved right!



  1. eguinan

    Alan – ‘Twas only fabliss! Roll on Friday week for Hols Part Deux!

    Conor: Oh no! Pressure!

    Minge: Thanks, for the welcome and for that *lovely* image 🙂

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