New Madonna Track

It’s called The Beat Goes On and it prominently features Pharrell. It’s breezy and N*E*R*D-like, but certainly not a killer track. It appears Ms Ciccone is moving from the disco to the radio-friendly R&B area.

It has leaked, so while I won’t post it here, you shouldn’t have any great difficulty finding it. Especially using Google Blog Search. Enjoy!

Madonna new single

Image from Popcrunch. (Don’t know if it’s the proper artwork or not.)



  1. robin

    Oh, go ahead and post it, dear. It’s not like the old vampiress (“collaborating” with a Neptune, whew, way to stay edgy) will feel the lost income.

  2. themilkman

    Mmmm… I hope this is not the artwork for the single. Looks bloody awful. I haven’t heard the new track, but I am not sure whether this will as much up my street as some of her recent stuff. Will see…

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