Pugilistic Tendencies

UPDATE! Mediafire seems to be on the blink. The link below won’t work. I’ve submitted a report. All working again. Yay!!Image of boxerYes, another one…The 80s one was fun, even if the Joe Le Taxi bit caused much disgruntlement despite assurances from me to “wait a minute, wait a minute”. Sheesh, it’s SO difficult for an artiste these days! ;)Anyway, normal service is resumed with the current crop of big room funky house floorfillaz and some golden mouldies for good measure. It’s Friday and the weekend’s just begun! Work is seasonally hectic and much of my spare time is now being demanded by my Open University course, so it’s vital for me to wind down with a nice glass of wine and a mix to make.The title comes from a secondary school Business Organisation teacher I had who had an amazing ability to come up with bizarre, yet literary, lines for students to write as punishment. My favourite was one dished out to two boys who were solving a eceonomics dispute with their fists. They had to write, 100 times, “I must confine my pugilistic tendencies to the ring”. Twenty years later, that’s still in my head.

  1. Uninvited (Club Mix) (feat. Bailey Tzuke) * Freemasons
  2. Nitelife (Seamus Haji Big Love Mix) (feat. D’Empress) * Ijah
  3. Spirit (Wanna Stay Here Forever) (Original Mix) * Fonzerelli
  4. With Every Heartbeat (Voodoo & Serano Mix) (with Kleerup) * Robyn
  5. Manila (Cicada Remix) * Seelenluft
  6. Doctor Pressure (Dirty Club Mix) * Mylo vs Miami Sound Machine
  7. Heater (Vandalism re-rub) * Samim
  8. Big Love * Pete Heller
  9. Soul Heaven (Fonzerelli Mix) (feat. Terri B) * Henrik B
  10. Love On My Mind (Bn3 Vox) (feat. Amanda Wilson) * Freemasons
  11. Green Light (Freemasons Club Remix) * Beyoncé
  12. Boogie 2Nite (Seamus Haji Big Love Remix) * Booty Luv
  13. Hands Up (Yer Man Remix) * Out Of Office
  14. Need To Feel Loved (12″ Club Mix) (feat. Delline Bass) * Reflekt

Download Pugilistic Tendencies (Remastered mp3, 76MB) from here [mediafire link].



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