The Mercy Drill: Prefab Sprout vs The Drill

Prefab & The Drill sleevesIn a spectacular fit of procrastination, I decided to opt out of study for my course and instead opened a lovely Bordeaux and have a go at finishing the mashup I began months ago.

Prefab Sprout are genius and Jordan: The Comeback is probably the best thing they’ve ever done. One of the zillion tracks there is called Mercy and it’s largely acappella with some sparse guitar strums here and there. The Drill by The Drill is an insistent, nagging full-on progressive house track with no vocals and is a bit scary.

Mercy is 1min 23 secs and The Drill is 6 mins 49. Mercy comes from a ‘song suite’ about redemption, religion and the devil realising that he can’t be forgiven because he is needed to give man free will. Matt Schwartz’s last track as Dada was about offering to eat someone’s ice cream as long as they licked his lollipop. Could these be fused? As soon as I discovered they are both in the same key, I reckoned ‘why not?’

Anyway, this is my first attempt as a mashup, so be nice. I’m not 100% pleased with it at all, but I want to get it out there. I may revisit it another time.

Download The Mercy Drill (Prefab Sprout vs The Drill) (10MB mp3) [Internet Archive link]



  1. mykel

    wow, the course you are doing sounds really interesting, had a quick read through and it seems like it could be quite a grueling workload. looking forward to hearing more from you in your down time from study. oh and belated congrats for you london debut 😉

  2. eguinan

    Thanks Mykel,

    It is a very interesting course, but right now, sitting in my office at the weekend putting together several 1500-word assignments, I can think of better things! It’ll be worth it though. (I hope…)

    Maybe I should abandon it and become a DJ instead? 🙂

  3. eguinan

    LOL. That track is screaming out for a David Morales remix featuring Jocelyn Brown. “Whoooooaaaaargh, some Bach not baaaaaaar-ber-shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawp, baby YEAH!”

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