Whither Joe Chester?

Image of Joe Chester

He never calls, he never writes. He hasn’t updated his MySpace since May. He leaves us with one fantastic album in 2005 and then he buggers off. That’s a very long time to leave us thirsty for more sublime melodic on-the-verge-of-overproduced indie/rock/pop, don’t you think?

I’ve blogged about the marvellous Joe Chester before, and now I’m getting a tad impatient for more sunkissed intelligent layered pop. Nobody else seems to be doing that well, you see.

I managed to get some fab doohickey plugin for Firefox to download one of the tracks streaming on the aforementioned MySpace area. It’s called The Bodies Start To Move and it’s utterly wonderful. Image of Joe ChesterI thought I might share (don’t worry Joe’s record company, it’s encoded at a very underwhelming 96kbps, so anyone that likes it will want to purchase it. Or download it illegally a a higher quality, whatever.

Talk to me, Joe.

Download The Bodies Start To Move (96kbps(!) 3.2MB mp3) [Mediafire link]

And here is the wonderful Anyway from the debut album. [guilt free mp3]



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