These shoes cost three-hundred dollars….

Le blog has been a bit serious of late, so let’s get fluffy!

1. The Shoreditch mix was very well-received by the indie boy blogettes. This was unexpected. The next one is on the way and it’s a fusion of the indie groove and the girlie house. That means no one will like it except me. “Between two stools you come to the ground” as my mother wisely said.

2. This has been viewed over 8 MILLION times. And it made me laugh out loud as I walked to work this morning. The council guys who sweep up around the canal now think I’m a loon.

Stupid boy.

3. Looking forward to a trip to London end of November. Feeling desire to go rather bonkers, but may bring that forward in the schedule (this weekend).

4. We are loving the Bizarro Dwarves. Em, well done, Manuel (see what I did there?).

Bizarro Dwarves strip

5. Is Peter Petrelli ever going to put some clothes on in Heroes season 2?

Back soon.



  1. alan

    can’t wait for the new mix!

    Also; Peter is better in season 2; better hair and less clothes. They know his target audience, you gotta give em credit for that.

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