Mix Time! Funk You, Beaver!

Image of Yorkie bar with current slogan 'it's not for girls'

It’s my first Haji-free mix! Not quite girly house, not quite indie fare; shall we call it Yorkie House? It’s chunky and thick and not for girls*.

While I often mix with my pals, Kev & Garv’s spacious dining room in mind, I don’t think this one will suit. It’s a tad harder in places than we’re used to, but we like it hard every now and a-(oh stoppit!). The Vandalism remix of Rihanna is seriously fcuked up (sorry Garvan!).

I also put my Prefab Sprout/Drill thing in. I don’t care if I’m the only person that likes it (besides, the more I put it about, the better chance of the PS fans finding it and getting really annoyed – hee hee!)

Go, download, dance.

•    I Found You (Remode) (feat. Max’c) * Axwell
•    Amazing (Kaskade Remix) * Seal
•    Right Here, Right Now (Redanka Mix) * Fatboy Slim
•    The Mercy Drill (Prefab Sprout vs The Drill) * Enda P Guinan
•    Forgiveness (Original) (feat. Berget Lewis) * Eddie Thoneick
•    NYC Beat (Club Mix) * Armand Van Helden
•    Uninvited (WaWA Remix) (feat. Bailey Tzuke) * Freemasons
•    Hustler (Extended Club mix) * Simian Mobile Disco
•    Let Me Think About It (Club Mix) * Ida Corr Vs Fedde Le Grand
•    Like Something 4 Porno (Original) * Felix Da Housecat
•    Washing Up (Tim Deluxe Remix) * Tomas Andersson
•    It’s True * Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso vs Salem Al Fakir
•    O Superman (Tribute To Sunsetpeople) (Original) (feat. Laurie Anderson) * M.A.N.D.Y. vs. Booka Shade
•    Umbrella (VNDLSM mix) * Rihanna
•    Open Up (Full Vocal Mix) * Leftfield Lydon

Download Funk You, Beaver! (Remastered 75MB continuous mix mp3). [mediafire link]

* Of course it’s for girls!



  1. Brian

    Oh wow.
    Shoreditch Trauma is my current ‘keep fit music’. Don’t snigger! Love it…. Look forward to discovering this one. PS when we going partyin’?

  2. eguinan

    Party very much needed very bloody soon. London 1st weekend of Dec. OU deadline the following weekend, which leaves only mid Dec!

    Glad you enjoy ST, see how you like Booka Shade getting fcuked up with Rihanna :O!


  3. eguinan

    Hi André,

    It’s working for me right now, but I have had some mediafire ‘issues’ these last couple of days. And that’s mad spooky about ST starting! iTunes is a little bit alive…

    When are we getting more RoW stuff?

  4. Jonathan

    Last night it was madowavit minimal that was keeping me up too late for my own good, tonight it’s you, with your Hustler and your Tomas Andersson (Tim Deluxe mix is ace, I’ve only ever heard the Tiga mix)and the most amazing thing that M.A.N.D.Y ever did. I’m looking at you Laurie Anderson.

    Here come the planes…

    Check this: http://www.derelictions.net/sounds/07.05.06-VillaBlood.mp3

    “When I see the towers fall,
    It cannot be denied that,
    As a spectacle,
    It is a realization of the mind.

    You see, I’m standing on a mountaintop
    And letting out a scream,
    It’s the language of the earth,
    It is the language of the beasts.

    There’s no point to look behind us,
    We left the corpse behind,
    Because flesh is weak and forms break down.
    They cannot last forever.”

  5. Enda P

    Hmm, downloading as we speak.

    I ❤ that Tomas Andersson thing. It fcuked with my head in The Dragon last year, so I simply had to find out what it was. That and The Drill get me off, although not to everyone’s taste I understand. Hustler is close to track of the year for me. Top Ten anyway.

    What’s with you and Brian and minimal lately? I’ll have to dig out that Alex Smoke cd again and join the club.

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