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Ladybird book

It’s been a while since I was tagged but here we go, thanks mykel33.

Describe my earliest memory where the memory is clear, and where “clear” means I can depict at least three details.
Give an estimate of my age at the time.
Tag five other bloggers with this meme.

It actually begins as a dream that I was having a few years ago. I was a small child being taken to Athlone (a nearby town) before Christmas. I presume Mum needed to go liaise with Santa Claus and didn’t need the two kids with her so she pawned me off on Dad. I remember going into a bookshop and looking up at a rack of children’s books – Ladybird books in fact.

I must have wanted one because dad got me one which was about counting and numbers. Or rather it had various songs and poems involving counting (The Twelve Days of Christmas, Ten Green Bottles, One Man Went to Mow etc).

I was convinced this was a dream until I was looking for something in the attic and found a little Ladybird book about counting with my scrawl on the front saying ‘Ena age 3 1/2’ {or 2 3/4 – I can’t remember right now…} Aw!  [Insert Twilight Zone theme here]

I told Dad about this but he didn’t recall anything specific. I should have been able to spell my bloody name at 3 1/2 though, right? 🙂
I shall tag not, but invite regular readers to participate. Thanks mykel.


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  1. mykel

    That’s excellent what a find! Earlier this year someone donated a collection of about 20 of this series to the library where i work. The church in the middle of Athlone looks amazing, thanks for the link. xx

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