It’s Mix Time! Scarves & Gloves (Winter Special)

North Campus, NUI Maynooth, originally uploaded by Enda P.

The OU is the grinch that has stolen my Christmas! No merry-making or end of year lists or frivolous nonsense!

Despite that, I have selected some winter themed music for your perusal. Not many sleigh bells or jingle balls but enjoyable in a cathartic melancholy sort of way.

Er, enjoy!

Scarves and Gloves Winter Selection

Part one

  1. Christmas Time Is Here * Vince Guaradi
  2. A Christmas Dirge * Nellie McKay
  3. Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis * Neko Case
  4. Jackie Jackie (Spend This Winter With Me) * Sally Shapiro
  5. I Remember When (Emotional Version) * James Fogle
  6. It’s Not Really Cold When It Snows * The Russian Futurists
  7. Winter, Fire & Snow * Anúna
  8. All I Ever Get For Christmas Is Blue * Over The Rhine
  9. That Was The Worst Christmas Ever! * Sufjan Stevens
  10. Winter Wonderland (Bent Remix) * Perry Como

Download Scarves & Gloves part 1 (55MB continuous mp3)

Part two

  1. Heart On Snow * Marc Almond with Russia Orchestra
  2. Blowing Snow * Marco Raaphorst
  3. Avening * Danna & Clément
  4. Little Girl Blue (Postal Service Remix) * Nina Simone
  5. Things Fall Apart * Cristina
  6. Fairytale Of New York * Stars
  7. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas * Aimee Mann
  8. 2000 Miles * The Pretenders
  9. Spotlight On Christmas * Rufus Wainwright
  10. Love Came Down * Harry Simeone Chorale

Download Scarves & Gloves part 2 (67MB continuous mp3)

Jonathan dressed as a drunken Santa

If you enjoyed these, or even if you haven’t, and feel full of goodwill, you might consider a small donation to Mencap, a charity which does amazing things for young people with learning disabilities. My friend Jonathan has dressed up as a Santa for them and this is supposed to make us want to give money. I’m sure there’s some logic there, but hey, let’s donate and feel all warm and fuzzy inside!



  1. orn

    yes it would, remind me to play it for them tomorrow, but its still kinda sweet, a rather busy hooker I assume, during the christmas seasons taking time off to write a card

  2. alan

    Tis the season, Enda. Tis the season. You can’t be a good boy all year. Get your indulgence on for Christmas…

    At least then it’ll mean the rest of us won’t feel so guilty for doing frivolous nonsense all year long 😉

    P.S. cool mixes. Can’t wait to listen to them! (Also at work – the library office needs some festive choons)

  3. mykel

    lost you to the books for a while there (cyberwise). my com ment isn’t about your post as such but i’ve been meaning to ask you – Brian Kennedy: the novels and the music- any thoughts?? i read both his novels earlier this year and i’m quite taken with the song “get on with your short life” taken from the album of the same name i think the rest of his music might be an acquired taste – please don’t hold it against me if this is an embarrassing subject area…enquiring minds like to ask 😉 oh yes and did you track down a copy of your thesis – i genuinely would like to read it. don’t study too hard, and take care xx

  4. eguinan

    Hi M, I haven’t read BK’s novels, I must admit, nor do I know anyone who has. I think he’s a good egg who was a bit coy about the sexuality until a few years ago, but coming from Norn Iron (Northern Ireland) that’s probably understandable.

    Funny, I bought the album that track is from and a double album Best of. I was going to interview him for a gay mag in Ireland, so I needed to do some research. Alas, the interview didn’t work out.

    He has a beautiful voice and some of his early tracks, Captured especially, are really good. He has veered a little too much towards the middle of the road of late. It’d be great if some producer took him in and made a really raw soul record with him.

    As for the dissertation, light searches have yielded nothing, but I know it’s around somewhere!!! I’ll get a chance for a proper search in Jan. How nice that you’d like to read my juvenilia 😉

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  6. mykel

    Hi there,

    i think the interview would have been interesting to do and see the man behind the music. i agree that he could do a great soul sound. i was interested to see that as far as i know he hasn’t gone the route of come out and go for the heavy remixes ala Darren Hayes (don’t get me wrong i love his music but some of those remixes have been interesting choices for him musically)but yes i did think BK’s was a bit more middle of the road and wondered was he taken seriously for those choices or is it just smart marketing to retain appeal to a wider audience.

    hope you are well, enjoy the holiday season xx

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