Waits for Christmas

Wonderfully pointless, but intriguing just the same.

Tom Waits

There is a plan afoot to get Tom Waits’ ‘Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis’ to No. 1 in Ireland for Christmas.  (You can hear the divine Neko Case version in my Scarves & Gloves mix).

So, if you can purchase from an Irish download site, why not go for it? It’s a very good track. While you’re there, download ‘Martha’ and ‘Down In The Hole’ (Theme from Season 2 of the fantastic The Wire).

More about this at waitsforchristmas.blogspot.com.



  1. Adam

    Are you looking at the UK chart eguinan?

    I have it at 23rd at the moment on the Irish iTunes chart, which isn’t bad going for 3 days of sales (over a weekend when internet usage in Ireland tends to drop off a bit).

    Thanks for the mention, by the way. Fingers crossed we’ll have an impact!

  2. Enda P

    Hi Adam,

    And yes! There it is at 23! That’s pretty good. Larry Gogan will definitely give it a spin (I remember he played several minutes of Sigur Rós’ Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do -which made for surreal daytime radio when it made the singles chart!), and Rick O’Shea is usually game when it’s blog-related.

    What should we choose next year? River by Joni Mitchell? Little Girl Blue by Nina Simone? Something Sufjan?

  3. Adam

    It’s gone up again Enda – 19th! Fingers crossed it keeps on climbing!!!

    Might hit Larry with a press release – never thought of him before – hopefully he’ll get behind us!

    Rick O’Shea has given us a big thumbs-up on his blog and I think he may have on his show too… I’ll keep pestering him and thanks for the ideas!

    Thumbs up for River, by the way – but something tells me I’ll let someone else kick that one off no matter what this week’s outcome is!

  4. eguinan

    Thanks Fwan – sorry for the delay!

    Pete: It managed a respectable no 28! Which is rather crazy when you consider that it’s a pretty bleak obscure album track chosen kinda randomly! Any suggestions for next year? Feliz Navidad by El Vez? lol

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