How did this happen? Irish Blog Awards!

There you go – Zaniac has created a video rundown of the longlist for Best Popculture Blog for the Irish Blog Awards! And Daddy or Chips? is in there! It seems that there is some audience out there for cyberstalking Joe Chester (April cometh….), my singlehandedly bringing down half of the right-wing Polish government, and funky house workouts.

Thanks to anyone who nominated me! It’s all a bit startling considering the esteemed company one is in here, but I shall start practising my “I’m-so-pleased-for-you-but-you-beat-me,-you-bastard” face. 



  1. Jonathan

    OH MY GOD, YOU’RE LIKE FAMOUS AND SHIT! Spit on me, Enda. P.S. If there’s an aftershow party, you better invite us all. It’ll be like the Vanity Fair Oscars Party, except that’s not on this year. Maybe more like Heat Magazine’s post Soap Awards party then?

    In seriousnes, well done, I’m chuffed for ye.

  2. Evil Bob

    We at Egoeccentric would like to wish you luck in the upcoming blogs and we would also like to remind you to check your postbox for a parcel in the coming days.
    We’ve sent a…um…cake.
    Yes thats what I meant. A cake.

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