It’s Mix Time! Digital Immigrants

Image of magazine cover, child holding sign saying Free (temporarily) from the evil Open University, Enda frantically scoured the virtual record bag for whatever morsels of disco tastiness he could find. After a relatively gentle start with Goldfrapp and some chart stuff from Timbaland, we go into a RAWK mix of Noir’s Fuck Me (charming!), keeps it up (ahem) for some time with Janet telling us that she’s ‘heavy like a first day period’ and some ‘enhanced’ people called Muscles getting sweaty. Then we go utterly apeshit with Robyn, back on track with David Jordan and bonkers again with Lalula.

Business as usual, then.

  • A&E (Gui Boratto Remix) * Goldfrapp
  • Apologize (Lenny B Club Mix) * Timbaland pres. One Republic
  • Needy Girl (Lifelike remix) * Chromeo
  • Fuck Me (Plastic Inc’s Biker Cowboy Shootout Strip) * Noir
  • Faster Kill Pussycat (Club Mix) * Oakenfold feat. Brittany Murphy
  • The Journey Continues (Thomas Gold Remix) * Mark Brown feat. Sarah Cracknell
  • Gotta Move (Fonzerelli Remix) * Turbofunk
  • Feedback (Ralphi Rosario ‘Sexy’ Vox Mix) * Janet Jackson
  • Sweaty (Original Mix) * Muscles
  • Be Mine! (Ocelot mthfckers Remix) * Robyn
  • Place In My Heart (Stonebridge Mix) * David Jordan
  • Supa Bajo (Ashley Beedle Vocal Mix) * Lalula

Download Digital Immigrants continuous mix (Remastered mp3, 65MB, 67 mins) [mediafire link]



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