Ok, so it’s a Popculture blog…

Ever since my unexpected (oh so modest as well as gorgeous) nomination for Best Popculture Blog in this year’s Irish Blog Awards, I’ve been wondering if I had been put in the wrong category. Shouldn’t it be classified as a personal blog? After all, it’s full of rampant shameless self-indulgence. But then again, aren’t all blogs, so I got over myself and learned to love the bomb.Irish Blog Awards Logo

So, some excitement from the fabbo weekend just gone.

1. If you are looking for a pretty classy, subdued restaurant that will have a free table at the weekend, you could do a lot worse than the one in Brooks Hotel on Drury St. The venison was simply to die for darlings!

2. There are some seriously fabulous Asian transpersons in the Dragon of a Saturday night. On a related note, it was vaguely amusing to watch a lady (?) of Jordanesque proportions dressed in a leather outfit scamper in and out of the Dragon very quickly with several security staff hot on her (very tall) heels. Those bronzed boobies were most precariously ‘out there’. My little brother and his girlfriend visiting for the weekend now love the Dragon.

3. Shelby Lynne is not so scary. For some reason, I always thought that this woman was difficult and annoying, without having heard a note from her. I think I got her mixed up with Fiona Apple and Ute Lemper. Anyway, she has done an album of Dusty Springfield covers and she has done it very very well.

4. One of my friends that I have been pestering to create a blog for the last two years may be about to do so. I shall be called either ‘It was ever thus’ or ‘Brutaltop’. Either way, expect it to be nominated next year, as he is the bastard offspring of Dorothy Parker and Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory (not really. ‘Love your work, darling… [airkiss])

5. Not really feeling the new OU course yet. Work is beginning to settle down, so at least I can devote some office time to it. I’m sure it’ll be fine. Which reminds me, I’m supposed to be updating the sensible blog rather than this one. See ya later, pop-pickers.

NEXT WEEKEND: I get to meet Alan and fellow Blog Award nominee, Conor, in the flesh for the first time. Oh my! The whole idea of having a blog is so that one doesn’t need to be socially-awkward with real people. This can’t end well….

Here’s a LOLcat to end things.




  1. alan

    You have another sensible blog! Aren’t we allowed to know where it is?

    Also; I’ll feel like the odd one out this weekend; no nomination for me!


  2. Enda P

    Oh sweets, it’s INCREDIBLY tedious, but if you must… epg29.wordpress.com.

    Left out? But we can’t all be nominees – who will take our photos on the red carpet?????

  3. robin

    ‘I Am Shelby Lynne’ is worth tracking down – plenty of pop pleasures to be had therein, some of them redolent of Dusty (eight years prior to explicitly covering her), some of them not so much, but all in all a worthy occupant in the pantheon.

  4. eguinan

    Indeed, I should do that as I feel I have wrongly maligned her all these years. I’m amazed that she got a Grammy with all of my brooding disdain knocking around the ether 😉

  5. alan

    if it’s all sensible, I’m sure it can be justified bonefide work reading material.

    Although; I manage to justify using facebook during worktime as justified bonefide work reading material, so ya know 😉

  6. eguinan

    Alan, I also have Facebook open at work, but rarely get a chance to look at it these days – so busy little bee, me.

    Robin, great interview. She does seem a tad difficult after all, or perhaps just a bit of a lush. I really liked Leavin’ by the way, so thanks for that. You can see how the Dusty stuff is really just a logical development.

  7. orn

    ó herra guð, there is a sensible blog? why do we feel the need to be sensible? isn’t sensible just a code word for boring? but i do need to find out if you proof me wrong with that

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