No expectations.

It’s been a most odd few weeks in this not-quite-New Year thus far.

The latter half of 2007 was dominated by the almighty Open University commitment. If any of you are thinking of doing H808, mother of Christ, do not do it unless you have nothing much else on.  Then I started another one, but thus far, it’s more manageable.

Anyway, my point,life has been far more regimented these last few months than it has ever been. Full work commitment, study and scheduled leisure activities. I’ve never liked having things scheduled very tightly. I like to wake up on Saturday and have absolutely no commitments to anything or anyone.

Yet, every weekend for the last month, I’ve lived it up. I reintroduced myself to the fun of the Dublin scene, danced til dawn, wined and dined and caught up with friends as if I had been released from prison.

On Friday, we hosted the lovely Kevin for dinner, and this civilised event descended into all night dancing, raids on skips for things to burn in the open fire (don’t ask) and lashings and lashings of funky house  (I still get a kick when I dance to my DJ mixes with other people).

On Saturday morning (ish), the also lovely Enda & Catherine called in to take me to brunch unexpectedly. More unscheduled enjoyment. We ate and had a few cheeky drinks over a most pleasant couple of hours with the Saturday papers in a hotel lobby. All unplanned fun.  I rarely do this. I should do it (even) more.

However, my sincere apologies to the victims of my unscheduled fun times, Alan & Conor. Ironically, their Dublin visit was the only planned event in my diary this weekend and a mixture of tiredness, disorganisation and Irish Rail conspired to send me to bed early rather than finally meet the bloggers. Sorrysorrysorrysorrysorry…. And good luck next weekend in the Best Personal Blog, Conor.

The track above is a cover of the Rolling Stones’ No Expectations by some English people called Soulsavers. Nice, innit?


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