Catholics, Jews, Muslims; they just wear you out

1. Catholics: The Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute are pissed off that the fledgling state of Kosovo has opted to protect gays against discrimination. More at

2. Jews: Some deeply stupid (sorry, love, the truth hurts) Israeli MP reckons that the recent earthquakes in Israel are as a result of legislation sanctioning sodomy. More at the

3. Muslims: Where to begin…. teddy bears? Cartoons? Hanging teenage kids? Sigh….

The trouble is I know some really decent people who  are Theists. Yet some of their fellows behave like Scientologists. How can I talk to them about the hassle that their insistence on having an imaginary friend causes?



  1. travelling but not in love

    It does indeed wear you out. I agree. I mean really, religion preaches tolerance and love, surely? Nowhere in these books does it say ‘set yourself above others’ and ‘use these rules not to live your lives, but to tell others that they are living theirs badly’.

    The whole subject scares me, and you’re right, there’s not one group that is talking sense.

    I was at a friends sisters funeral a couple of years ago – she was a religious girl, her brother is not. One of the church ‘elders’ (i.e. someone who should know better) came up to my friend and said ‘how does it feel, knowing that I’ll see your sister again and you never will?’. This was AT HER FUNERAL. Tell me I’m wrong, but I’m sure baby Jesus would not approve…..

  2. eguinan

    At her funeral? Sigh…

    In fact, while I used to be quite angry about this stuff, now I’m just weary. I don’t even feel discussions with such people are even worth the effort anymore. I’ve become intolerant – I have no patience for the nonsense (as a couple of enthusiastic recent-convert Buddhist pals discovered to their dismay one afternoon ha ha!).

  3. Asteri Design

    Yes, it seems pointless to engage with such hatred and close-mindedness, it just drags you down… Let’s all worship Mother Earth and love one another… no need to look busy, Jesus is not coming!

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