super extra bonus party Choice Winners!

Super Extra Bonus Party album artCongrats to super extra bonus party (capitalization a la k.d. lang) who nabbed the Choice Music Prize tonight beating hotly-tipped Cathy Davey (album also super) and not-so-tipped Róisín Murphy (album also super).

The album is madly eclectic and hugely adventurous/bonkers and miles away from the rather earnest (read ‘dull’) fare often lauded in Irish rock circles (not looking at any Frame X1 in particular).

My favourite track off the eponymous album is Favourite Things. An MC rattles away in Portugeuse over a breakneck beat and what sounds like string stabs before, apropos of nothing, Ms Julie Andrews appears and gives us a few bars of ‘My Favourite Things’ from that musical.

And they are appearing at a Childline Rocks benefit gig tomorrow night in the Academy, Abbey St, Dublin. From their site;

Great gig for a very worthy cause. Line up includes Jape, Dry County, Cathy Davey, Steps, Peter Andre, Aqua, Nikleback, The Outhere Brothers, Staind, 2Unlimited, Scooter, Scatman John, Eiffel 65, Appollo 440, Babylon Zoo, The Kelly Family and many many more. Actually, heres more, ACDC, Ace of Base, East 17, New Kids on the Block, Wet Wet Wet, Savage Garden, Hot Chocolate, Slayer, Lordi, Boyzone, Bon Jovi, Axl Rose (solo set), Rihanna plus more to be announced.

They’re kinda mixed and fun, no?



  1. conortje

    I’m really curious to hear what the judges thought was better than Tales of Silversleeve.

    By the way I finally found out where the name of your blog comes from – it was explained to me in Dublin this last weekend 🙂

  2. conortje

    okay I’ve had a listen to Favourite Things – I’m afraid to my ears it sounds messy and amateurish. Sounds like some kid got a keyboard for Christmas and doesn’t really know what to do with it. Oh dear, Conor is not impressed 🙂

  3. eguinan

    How did you manage to escape the Daddy or Chips? phenomenon? I think it was a McCain’s chips ad, but can find no youtube evidence (unusually!).

    LOL re Favourite Things. They hooked me towards the end when everything briefly stops and Julie says ‘kettle’. I fear that they will have that ‘difficult second album’ syndrome having used up every idea first time round.

  4. travelling but not in love

    Daddy or chips….I remember at the time thinking ‘daddy’. Not my Daddy. That would be wrong. Just Daddy in general. Lord. This sounds terrible. I’m moving on….

    I’m with Conortje on the Favourite Things front – it sounds like Ross from Friends…

  5. eguinan

    I’ve just had a look at where visitors are coming from today and there has been a huge soar from people looking for info about super extra bonus party and the awards.

    I’m afraid/amused by the thought of some bigwig music biz head getting here to find out about this hot new award-winning act to find that they sound like “some kid got a keyboard for Christmas and doesn’t really know what to do with it” or (more damningly) “like Ross from Friends”.

    Sorry sebp!

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