I’m off…

The fabulousness of academia! It may not pay the big bucks, but by goodness, we gets the holidays. I took three days leave next week and get more than a fortnight off as the university is closed Monday (St Patrick’s Day), Friday (Good Friday, remnant of Catholic hangover) and an entire week for Easter. Yay!

As I type, I’m sitting at Gate C45 in Dublin Airport waiting to board the 19:05 to London City. Despite being slightly distracted by a semi handsome black gent in a wonderful beige suit, shirt, tie and uber-shiny Nike running shoes, I’m eager to get on board.

Tonight, I’m just going to get some wine, do fake tan (is that a good combo?) and sleep as husband is out celebrating our pal John’s birthday. Tomorrow, we do nice restaurant for my birthday (last Wed) then on Sunday morning – yes – at 6am, we go to Trade for clubbing in a nostalgic London gay style. I have a feeling that if I sleep tomorrow night, I will only want to be rouse for coffee, croissants and the Observer rather than the bizarreness of going to a club, but hey, we are up for anything.

On Wednesday, we’re off to Thailand for a week. I’ve never been there, and Andrew reckons I should go seeing as we have time and he has air miles to reclaim before they expire. Who am I to argue? We’re staying here. I shall stop now because I’m edging very close to the somewhat nauseating blogging style of Oh La La.

It’s all been rather rushed and I know nothing really about Thailand other than what I have gleaned very quickly online. “Do not touch monks on the head” is what one needs to remember. Grand so. Should be a breeze.

Enjoy the festivities if you’re Irish, or that way inclined.



  1. robin

    A very happy belated b-day, enjoy your Siamese sojourn, and spare a thought for we stuck here in Sunnyside, Queens (serious Irish ex-pat enclave) during the St Paddy’s revels… oy gevalt.

  2. eguinan

    Poor Robin! I once went to an Irish bar in the Bronx and was seriously weirded out. It was raucous, wild and stuffed to the rafters. This was my first visit to NYC and I was expecting Sesame Street not a midlands Saturday night pub transported molecule by molecule across the ocean (apart from the annoying tipping for every beer thing).

    Enjoy the craziness. I may see some of it in London (another big event in Trafalgar Sq. – wit Róisín Murphy- nuts!).

    Fattman, thanks for the links. Good stuff there.

  3. travelling but not in love

    Wow. I’m jealous. I’m headed to a snow-encrusted Montreal next week. I wish it was a sun-enhanced Thailand instead!

    Have a great time, and watch out for the coffee enemas. And keep a track of your luggage ;o )


  4. eguinan

    TBNIL: What’s wrong with Montreal? I’m going there in July! A bit of snow means you can stay inside and get snuggly with your luggage (ahem).

    Fwan: Thanks. Are you treating fashion victims yet? 😉

  5. Tony

    Someone deserves to die! Then again, you may have had a terrible time of it last time round, so you may well deserve your week in the sun.
    I’ll be in sunny Antrim for me hols…….

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