This is ace: Kleerup feat. Titiyo ‘Longing for Lullabies’

Kleerup is back. Sans Robyn, but with Neneh Cherry’s sister instead. The track is called Longing for Lullabies’ and it’s delish.



  1. David Minogue

    Hi Enda,
    that’s a gorgeous song,
    have you heard “Thank you for nothing” by Kleerup too? it’s equally as lovely and on his MySpace page,
    wish you could have seen them last year,

  2. Alan Hickman

    Titiyo is no stranger to the pop charts. She had a huge international hit a few years back with “Come Along” and another in collaboration with Stakka Bo called “We Vie” that is a regular on Bulgarian radio. She’s more than just Neneh Cherry’s half-sister; she’s an artist in her own right.

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