Nice Internet Thing: Muxtape

Image of cassette

This is cute. Upload up to 12 tracks and share them very simply. Basically, Muxtape let’s you create a text-based list of tracks that can be streamed within your browser. Very simple.

A selection of my current earworms is online.



  1. eguinan

    Ooops, yes, and I forgot to credit you with introducing me to it. Humble apologies.

    Laura Marling’s been getting a few spins round here too. V good.

  2. robin

    ‘Under The Skin’ is the album in question. It sounds like he recorded it on the road in a series of hotel rooms, always in the middle of the night, with whispered vocals a-plenty and multistacked Travis-pickin’ to die for. I happen to like this sort of thing a great deal.

  3. Padraig Kenny

    Shame on me, but I never knew Joe Chester existed before I read your blog, Enda. That’s a gorgeous track. Am hooked now.

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