That was fast….. (Joe Chester update!)

Can’t talk now as just in from work to discover Joe Chester CD on doormat. It’s not out til Friday! They also threw in the ‘Charlie For A Girl’ single – nice!

Full report later.





  1. eguinan

    True. Slight ‘difficult second album’ syndrome, but I do think it’s a good ‘un.

    I considered a measured response, but goddamn work/study has gotten in the way. grrrr…

    What make you of it?

  2. robin

    I concur with your brief assessment. Very strong in places, some tracks are up there with his best from Murder Of Crows, while others are… not, so much. Still listening to it regularly, though, which is more than can be said of the latest R.E.M., to give but one example.

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