Weekend Mumps

The mumps virusIt’s Friday evening, and apart from going to have my rather ancient car have its 2-year test (it will fail) tonight, I’m unexpectedly free.

Well, freer than I thought I would be. I was to have given a talk tomorrow at the University Day, but the whole thing has been called off because we have an outbreak of mumps (or as we like to call it: the mumps)! 

10,000 potential students had to be contacted today to tell them it’s all off and apparently isn’t going to be rescheduled. 

So, I can have a sleep in! Yay! This is a bit sad because we had written to almost 350 people with disabilities who might be coming next September and we were looking forward to having a chat with them.

Odd. I wrote that last sentence and realised that I really like my job. 

Still, sleep in is good too.

Get well soon mumpy-kids (and stay away from my office when you’re going to the Medical Centre! Cheers!)


Mumps outbreak stops university open day from rte.ie.



  1. Asteri Design

    So did your car fail the test then?

    BTW, surely you meant ”its” 2-year test, not ”it’s”!

    C’mon dude, you’re the one who taught me all about it… I mean its a piece of cake 😉 its intended, LOL!

  2. eguinan

    Amazingly, it passed!

    I laughed when the nice Eastern European mechanic said ‘You passed’. I think he understood! Anyway, it’s legally roadworthy until 2010!!

    Good call on the ‘it’s’ thing. You are correct. I’m doing that more and more lately, I must admit. Carelessness rather than lack of knowledge!

    (I’ll edit it, even though it might make your message seem strange!)

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