Why don’t people comment?

You know how it is, you occasionally click on a few of your blogroll peoples’ blogrolls. And a post catches your little eye. Why don’t people comment?, asks deafulgora (via the delightful Alan). 

I had to respond:


  1. They have nothing to say.
  2. They have something to say but they reckon you’re not worthy of their response (they only came here accidently after all. Now maybe if it was The Huffington Post.…or Gawker…)
  3. They accessed your blog on their mobile phone and they’ll be damned if they are going to type a comment on a goddamn numerical keypad with THAT tariff…
  4. Typing a comment is physically difficult. Zillions (OK, thousands) of people have disabilities and find it a lot of effort to type.
  5. They found your site when Googling for ‘Daddy I’m nude’ and, as my mother says, got a bit of a land.
  6. They’re shy.
  7. They are intimidated by your dazzling brilliance.
  8. They couldn’t be arsed. American Idol is on in five minutes.
  9. The fire alarm went off. It can’t always be the evil twin playing with your mind, right?
  10. They just enjoy reading your thoughts. You put it out there of your own volition; no one owes you nuthin’. 




  1. Bruno

    11 – They might be reading the post on a RSS feed, and it’s so much work actually clicking through to the the post to comment.

  2. eguinan

    Good call, Bruno. I forgot the RSS business. Indeed I have all my blogroll peeps on feeds so I can be constantly distracted from whatever I’m supposed to be doing.

    Robin: 6? Really?

    Alan: There are no excuses! Comment or die! (Or something…)

  3. DeaFulgora

    I’ll stick with n.7. If it works for Chanel, it’ll work for me. Or was it n.5 that she did so well. Oh crap. Never mind, n.7 it is. Maybe it’s the ‘brilliance’ bit that got me hooked. I dunno know.

  4. orn

    6 and 7 thank you very much
    but on almost completely different matter, the colour on your blog is booooring and lifeless, sorry, new is not always better

  5. orn

    where have I been??? obviously just reading the texts but not enjoying the “scenery”, but now that I have, I dont like it
    but hey, it’s your blog

  6. manuel

    some punter said he hadn’t commented on my blog before because he thought we were all too cliquish…….he left that via comment…..twat

  7. Ang Jia Cong

    But most of the people just have nothing to say. If they’re shy they’d comment anonymously if there’s that option to do so. Then again it could be that they didn’t care enough.

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