Lisbon Treaty: Ooh!

Naughty man pro-europe

So, Ireland has to go to the polls for yet another tedious European Union treaty ratification. Every other EU country just let their governments worry about this stuff, but no, we have to have a bloody referendum. We always vote ‘yes’ (except when we don’t, then we just keep having the same referendum until the government gets the answer it wants).

So, hats off to Young Fine Gael for presenting us with a big slice of mancake with a crotch full of Euro-goodness for every one who votes Yes.

Works for me!

(If you prefer ladies’ boobs, Young Fine Gael will satiate you too)


Apologies to all my millions of readers outside the EU, particularly in the USA. But then again, as we have to endure the McObamton malarkey, why not send some tedium your way?



  1. conortje

    I have to say though I’m incredibly proud that the people of Ireland get a say (at least those living there). Most europeans don’t even know there’s such a thing as the Lisbon Treaty (or any of the others)their governments just sign away quietly. If only to educate the masses somewhat it’s worth the referendum. Plus it’s about as democratic as you can get. Now, where do I get myself a Lisbon hunk?

  2. eguinan

    True, I’m a great fan of all things Yurpean (get Turkey in, dammit), but I get the sense that the things we are voting on are relatively uncontroversial for most people and could perhaps be left to our elected leaders to handle on our behalf.

    What has happened is the great masses have used European referendums to make a statement to the government. So, the people were pissed off at Bertie, they voted no to Nice. Europe suffers because the Irish have a bone to pick.

    Frankly, I’m not sure democracy is such a good thing at all….. 😉

  3. iwet

    Referendums do tap into that contrarian (sic?) strain in the irish. Perhaps as a happy compromise democracy a la Zimbabwe for matters European?

  4. travelling but not in love

    The problem with democracy is that everyone gets to vote. I once met a man in Mali who said to me that he loved democracy so much that he had voted twice in the last elections….Now that can’t be right, can it?

    No such double counting in Ireland, I trust. When they check your ID at the polling station do they say “Is it yourself?”…

  5. eguinan

    Iwet, an eminently practical and stylish suggestion as one has come to expect from you. Voting is wasted on the young. Or something.

    TBNIL, the ‘vote early and vote often’ approach has much to recommend it. As for your enquiry, we try to leave the tiresome clichés to the 1980s and Presidential hopefuls attempting to woo the most sentimental Irish-American voter.

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