Stop downloading my mixes!

21 May UPDATE! All remasters are up now and can be found on in their original posts. They’ll be added to the ‘Mixes’ page eventually (!)Image of iTunes

Because they sound rubbish! I’d always suspected that they were too loud, had far too much clipping and were uneven, but what could I do? That’s the way I got ’em.

Well, the stuff I rip from cd or buy from sites such as DJDownload are usually good quality 320kbps files, but some of the stuff I, ahem, discover, is not always of very good quality. And yet sometimes one just has to overlook the deficiencies of the file because the track is so damn good.

Anyway, just purchased Platinum Notes, by the same people who do the fabulous Mixed in Key. Platinum Notes claims it can ‘heal’ your audio files, repairing clipping, equalising audio and even correcting pitch.

And it bloody well does. Amazing….

I ran ‘Even More Unacceptable in the 80s’ through it. All the clipping (almost 40,000 instances in an 80 minute mix!) are gone and they thing sounds like it has been properly mastered. As soon as I can find a free host that let’s me easily share files of over 100 MB, I’ll start reposting my Remasters!

Gawd, this post looks like a dreadful sales pitch, but let me assure you that I’m not being paid to write this. I only get fewer than 100 hits per day! Who would bribe me?!?!? No, this is really amazing from my point of view.

When I get time, I’ll replace the old mixes in their original posts, but I’ll also have a nice new page up there where you can find all the mixes in one place!

Enda P: Remastered!



  1. robin

    When putting together my mixes, I always do this sort of normalizing and balancing the hard way, i.e. by ear. But now I may have to give Platinum Notes a whirl – thx for the tip, Enda!

  2. eguinan

    Hi R,

    It’s very good. I found that I didn’t have the tools to repair some tracks that were mastered too loud, but this baby makes it all good. Best $99 yet (which of course with the current exchange rate is about €6.29 or something).

  3. itwaseverthus

    is this a coded message? are we invading somewhere?
    AND shouldn’t you be studying young man?

  4. eguinan

    @ Eagle-eyed Alan. D’oh! I usually check screengrabs for inadvertent pics of naughty men or confidential messages. Didn’t even spot the Shoreditch Trauma II folder. Oh well, I guess that surprise is gone!

    @ Jonathan. Not that I feel AT ALL pressured, like.

    @ Robin: As Jonathan said.

    @ itwaseverthus: God told me to do it.

  5. eguinan

    Thanks Conor, good of you to say! I always cringed when listening on headphones in particular. Some transitions were very crunchy and squelchy. They should be much less tiring to listen to now.

    Played good and loud for dancing purposes shouldn’t make much difference though!

  6. eguinan

    Megaupload is rather confusing for the poor downloader, non? I myself have gone through loops and hoops trying to get stuff off it. I’d be afraid my gentle listeners might give up and not get their seasonal fix of da funk!

    Loving the AC/DC… THUNDER! Nananananananaaaaaaaaaah

  7. eguinan

    Hi Andrew,

    I think it’s priced well for what it does, and the guys behind it aren’t big timers, so I think we should support them if possible.

    Here’s a suggestion; if you’d like to send me a track or one of your mixes, I’d be happy to run it through PN for you and send it back so you could hear for yourself what it can do. You can send links to me at daddyorchipsblog[at]

    Cheers, E

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