It’s Mix Time! Creepy Treehouse

Pic of scary house on a thick treeMixing is therapy.

As I get stressed out about work and my studies, one of my ways to unwind is uncork a nice red and get to mixin’.

Shoreditch Trauma appears to be one of my most downloaded and popular mixes. It was a bit of a departure for me in that it consisted of lots of frenetic indie goodness rather than funky euphoric house. The gay party boys in London said it was too ‘heavy metal’ (LOL), but it seemed to take on a life of its own online.

So, here tentatively, is the follow up: Creepy Treehouse!

We start with some indie/dance and get a bit darker before some 80s Bobby O stuff. Then it’s Duckie o’Clock til we get to Mrs Sarkozy and a fucked up Dolly Parton mix.

What’s not to like?

  1. Something New (Galactic Version) The Black Ghosts
  2. Archangel (8-Bit Boy Remix) Burial
  3. Bizarre Love Triangle (The Crystal Method Extended Mix) New Order
  4. Guilty Hotline
  5. Hard To Beat (Axwell Remix) Hard Fi
  6. Blind (Frankie Knuckles Mix) Hercules and Love Affair
  7. Young Love Moto Boy
  8. Roscoe Midlake
  9. The Wine She Drinks Exit: Pursued By A Bear
  10. Hot in Herre Tiga feat. Jake Shears
  11. Shoes Kelly
  12. Witchi Tai To X-Press 2 feat. Tim DeLaughter
  13. Finally, Did You No Wrong (CeCe Peniston vs Sex Pistols) Go Home Productions
  14. Time To Pretend MGMT
  15. Bug Powder Dust Bomb The Bass feat. Justin Warfield
  16. Walking With A Ghost In Paris (Tegan & Sara vs Mylo) Party Ben
  17. Broken English (Baron von Luxxury Slow Touch 120 Remix) Marianne Faithfull
  18. Le dernière minute Carla Bruni
  19. Jolene (Divide & Kreate Mix) Dolly Parton

Download Creepy Treehouse mp3 74 mins 89MB



  1. kevin

    Burial! Hard Fi! Hercules and Love Affair! MGMT! Midlake! Nice selection 🙂
    I’m still downloading but I loved “Anyway you choose to give it” from The Black Ghosts
    Wondering if it’s a remix of Roscoe ? If not, check out the fantastic “beyond the wizards sleeve / erol alkan remix” 🙂

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