It’s Mix Time: Drink Canada Dry

I was going to wait til next week to share the new mix so that I could start with “Free at last! Free at last!”, but to hell with it, here it is.
Image of Canada Dry bottle

I’m off to Canada for a fortnight from Sat 28th. Good timing, as the day before I will have handed in my 4,000 word assignment for the OU (which is currently at an, ahem, interesting stage…)
We’re starting in the west in Vancouver then making our way across the country taking in various cities and ending up in Toronto. With a bungee jump somewhere in there (and car hire: I have to drive a few hundred kilometres on the wrong side of the road – I’m not sure which is more terrifying!).
Anyway, in celebration of all things Canadian, here is a mix of all of my favourite Céline Dion and Bryan Adams tracks. 
Or, maybe this:


  1. Head To Toe (Seamus Haji Big Love Mix) Seamus Haji feat. Doug Lazy
  2. When You Touch Me (Original Club Mix) Freemasons feat. Katherine Ellis
  3. Pjanoo (Original Mix) Pryda
  4. Funk (Robbie Rivera Mix) Matteo Esse
  5. I Believe (Cahill Mix) Soultronics feat. Max C.
  6. Chase The Sun (A Side Mix) Planet Funk
  7. The One (Freemasons Vocal Club Mix) Kylie Minogue
  8. In Love With You (Original) Atrium
  9. Gotta Let Go (Paul Emanuel Club Mix) A Lee feat. Amanda Wilson
  10. The Electric Road Morgan Page vs. Lifelike
  11. Give It 2 Me (Paul Oakenfold Remix) Madonna
  12. I Heard It Through The Grapevine (Freemasons Mix) Marvin Gaye
  13. Young Offender (live) Pet Shop Boys


  1. travelling but not in love

    Wow. Too cool.

    And you managed to get Young Offender in there….

    “I’ve been a teenager before you were born”

    I love that song, but I’ve never heard the live version…I like the Jam And Spoon Trip-O-Matic Fairy Tale Mix of it that’s on the PopArt collection….

    You had me worried with the Celine Dion reference though.

  2. eguinan

    Good news for you then sir, as the Pets realised that the Jam & Spoon version was really good and subsequently used it as their ‘live’ version-included here!

    Is there fire in your eyes, or the glow of machines?
    Watch how your fingers thumb over the keys
    So sure what you do
    I haven’t a clue

  3. eguinan

    Not gone yet, but will keep a lookout for groovy fridge magnets (maybe even a Canada Dry bottle fridge magnet!).

    PS: Loving the groovy spectacles in your avatar. Well ‘ard.

  4. Jonathan

    love me love me love me love me I’m the one love me love me love me love me I’m the one love me love me love me love me I’m the one love me love me love me love me I’m the one love me love me love me love me I’m the one love me love me love me love me I’m the one…

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