I survived the bungee. [And it wasn’t me saying ‘Motherfucker’ – although I will admit to an involuntary (and elongated) ‘fuck’].



  1. peto

    WOW! That was so thrilling to watch, so I can only imagine the experience. Now keep your feet on the ground where they are supposed to be young man!

  2. eguinan

    It was just one of those things that seemed to happen before I knew it. It had been talked about for ages, but I didn’t really understand the full implication of it until that moment I jumped. If you have a look at the exact moment I go over, you’ll see one knee buckle – THAT is the moment I truly realised what was happening.

    Hours later after surviving driving an automatic on the wrong side of the road with an uncooperative satnav, I came over all euphoric and kept reliving the moment.

    Bizarrely, I would do it again. But not for a long time…

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