Belfast Pride Gives Joyful Two-Fingers to Homophobic MP Iris Robinson

According to The Guardian, Northern Ireland just had its largest Pride event ever this weekend with ‘several thousand’ revellers coming out to show solidarity with the NI gays & pals.

The huge turnout seems to be attributable to the decent NI folk wishing to show how little they think of MP Iris Robinson’s rather backward view of homosexuality. Recently she has come under attack from all sides for asserting that homosexuality is ‘disgusting, loathsome, nauseating, wicked and vile’. She also claimed that homosexuality is comparable to child abuse, telling the Belfast Telegraph: “I cannot think of anything more sickening than a child being abused. It is comparable to the act of homosexuality. I think they are all comparable. I feel totally repulsed by both.”

Robinson, the wife of the Northern Irish Assembly’s First Minister, has been reported to the police for her statement, the second time the police have been called to investigate her statements.

Anyway, the pictures of the event look great and first hands tales from the day suggest that a lot of fun was had.

Belfast was once considered the most homophobic place in Europe, but events like Pride should help change that.

In the meantime, I’d like to direct Iris and her fans to a rather good post on Leviticus. Yes, it makes a mockery of the prescriptions of the Old Testament, but it’s a pretty good illustration of how self-respecting Christians really shouldn’t rely on literal interpretations on the Bible. It’s dodgy territory, guys, and not even proper theologians go there anymore.

No can has mansex liek has ladysex. (hehe) Taht iz teh ghey. (Leviticus 18:22)

Yes, the LOLcat Bible translation is underway…



  1. travellingbut not in love

    Where do these people get their ideas from? If it’s the bible then I’m pretty sure that the baby Jesus taught love and not hate? I’m pretty sure that prejudice wasn’t one of his core teachings, nor was finger-pointing, blame casting or claiming yourself to be better than others.

    That Iris woman needs to get over her Jesus loving self and calm the fuck down. Vile.

  2. eguinan

    I don’t know whether she should be strongly condemned or just belittled and made fun of. I have a feeling that the latter is more effective.

  3. eguinan

    Manuel: I often think that reducing these people to utter laughing stock effectively renders them powerless. (Seeing as I can’t advocate a good kicking, that’ll have to do…)

    Conor: Isn’t the irony delicious?!