Face Your Manga: Cute Cute Cute

New cool web thing: Face Your Manga. You can make cute pictures of yourself or whoever.

This is me:


Enda Mangad

Enda Manga'd

And this is Andrew (amazing likeness and utter cuteness!):


Andrew Mangad

Andrew Manga'd

They’ll send you the small version for free, but for a few cent, you can purchase and download larger versions. Bargain!

And cuuuuuuuuute!



  1. doktohkitteh

    it’s amazing how fast this thing has spread, i’ve seen a good few manga-ed avatars on several websites already. do it now before they start to charge even for the freebies. Mr G, i thought you were going to attempt crafting my visage,since as i recall, were critical. I await your response, and your poor best effort.

  2. Daddy or Chips?

    I did have a go, and I couldn’t do any better than your attempt 😦 You were right about the skin tone. Couldn’t get the eyes right either. Maybe we should try some Photoshoppery?

  3. Mike A

    let’s all join in and have a manga photo album! lol. oh yeah — i am STILL loving your FREEMASONS mix. i listen to it everyday on the way to work! 😀

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