Triangulating the moment one became a gay Pt 26

May 1982 on the evidence of this lost classic. I remember being fascinated with lead ‘singer’ Steve for some reason. Having not heard this track for 26 years until this morning, I am confident that the devastating combination of attractive yet non-threatening young man, shuffling ladies in silver tops and pseudo-Abba arrangements launched an attack on the 9-year-old Enda at a molecular level.

Nature 0 Nurture 1



  1. David Minogue

    I LOVED that song, never liked their “lion sleeps tonight” though, “Top of the Pops” really had a big influence on Eire’s children of the 80’s
    I never thought of the similarity to Abba before but it’s there alright.

    Loving the recent posts, especially the gig reviews

  2. orn

    true love holding us together….. lovely,

    this song reminds me of another song from around that same time, there where those 3 or 4 girls singing, called themselves “sister something”, julies sisters???? probably not andrew sisters????. now I must find out what song that is……

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