My Weekend CD Shopping Spree

After a couple too many refreshing Carlsbergs last Friday afternoon, I went a bit bonkers in HMV and Zavvi in Cork and spent far too much on CDs. 

Like many music fans who buy shedloads of CDs, I have a code of ethics around downloading. If I’m curious about an artist or track, I’ll probably go get it from a torrent site somewhere, but if I really like it, I tend to buy the physical CD too. Yes, I want to reward the artist, but I also want to have it in high-quality audio. So, every now again I purchase a few titles that have ended up on my hard drive, and on Friday I finally added Sigur Rós’ ( ) and Roísín Murphy’s Overpowered to the list of albums that have passed muster and deserve purchasing.

Except I just started ripping now and realise that I have an empty Roísín jewel case. No CD. It’s in HMV Cork I guess. Did I keep the receipt? Of course I didn’t. Oh well, it was a 2 for €15 deal, so no major loss. And I’d imagine that the album will be re-released shortly with her cover of Slave To Love tagged on, so maybe it’s not all bad.

And it’s worth the €7.50 for the nutty photographs alone.



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