A priest with balls. Fo’ real.

I’ve encountered more than my fair share of Catholic priests over the years both personally and professionally (when I used to teach English, I met many trainee missionaries). Sadly, the vast majority of them are afraid to speak openly about either their sexuality (if gay, which many of those I have met are) or their liberalism. Most of the men of the cloth I know will privately confide that they are uncomfortable with the Church’s stance on homosexuality, and I have no doubt that in their own private ways, they do nothing to promote the irrational and hateful stance of the Pontiff.

But that isn’t really enough. These men (apart from one – who left his order because he could no longer be part of the insidious culture of secrecy the Church propagates) lack the courage of their convictions. They will not, perhaps for career reasons, stand up for what they actually believe.

Me, I couldn’t care less what the Church thinks about homosexuality. Their complex belief systems, like those of any religion, have as much validity as the contents of the rulebook in Dungeons and Dragons. However, while they still wield power and influence, they have responsibility to do what they can to eliminate injustice, or at least not propagate it.

Look at this priest in the US. Now this, my collared friends, is how a real man behaves.

Thanks to Damien Mulley for spotting this.


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