And in other news…


  1. If any of our students are reading – and we love you very much and all that – please don’t come near me for the next week and a half unless it’s mind-crushingly urgent (e.g. Sarah Palin has mistaken you for a moose and has started shooting at you from her helicopter). ktnxbai
  2. Speaking of work, our experimental little groovy website is up for Best Third Level Site Award this weekend in the Irish Web Awards. One is rather chuffed as we are up against the entire sites of TCD, UCD, QUB, Limerick IT and IT Blanchardstown. We are the first ones in the Uni to go down the youtube, twitter, flickr, delicious, blog route (and we kinda did it under the radar cos we’ve mavricks. “Oh hai, Communications Officer! Didn’t see you there! Oh, that interactive thing? I’ve no idea where that came from…”) 
  3. The Empire Of The Sun album is in iTunes. And it’s iTunes Plus. I had to have it, even though I will stump up for the CD at some stage. It also appears to be magnificent. (Apart from a track called ‘Breakdown’, which is a bit crap)
  4. Abba’s The Visitors is also magnificent. Conor, even you would enjoy the melodic misery.
  5. I’m being utterly useless at packing for my move to London. So far, I’ve managed to rip some old CDs and then put them into a box. This is not very helpful.
  6. Speaking of London, I’ve been wasting time working on my playlist for the Nov 1st DJ engagement. Is it overly ambitious to try remixing Ebony & Ivory? In a bhangra style?
  7. I can’t do well when I think you’re gonna leave, but you know I try. Are you gonna leave me now? Can’t you be believin’ now?


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