Shiny things! Irish Web Awards 2008

[Image from, who won Best Entertainment website.]

Ok, so I missed out on a Blog Award earlier this year, but I grabbed an Irish Web Award at the weekend on behalf of our work website.

In the pic, is my colleague Martha who maintains the site with me and became known as the Yay Girl on the night, such was her enthusiasm for EVERYONE involved on the night (yay!). And holding the bubbly is Simon, who outdappered whomever he stood next to.


Us on the iPhone

Us on the iPhone

Highlights? Tons.


  1. Complete lack of formality. My favourite speech was a one-liner from a web designer on behalf of her winning client: “I should have fucking charged them more!”
  2. Much whoopin’ and hollerin’.
  3. Free bar that went on a very very long time.
  4. Delicious food (not a cocktail sausage in sight).
  5. Polystyrene ‘W’s strewn everywhere (4 of them seem to have followed us home… not the enormo ones though. How the hell would that get on the Nitelink?).
  6. Ditching my speech for an improvised one and saying something about Sarah Palin and streakers (see No. 3 above).
  7. Multiple Rickrollage. Which resulted in my having to root out an SAW compliation later that night (see No. 3 above).
  8. My colleague Simon’s amazing waistcoat and tie.
  9. Rick O’Shea, who totally gets it.
  10. Bumping randomly into some NUIM graduates who seemed genuinely delighted that we beat some of the heavy hitters in our category.
  11. The lovely cupcakes.
  12. Being the only person to say ‘LOL’ on stage. (It was in inverted commas, dammit) (see No. 3 above).
  13. Being exposed to really great sites that I hadn’t heard of before. Most notably Kanchi, who got Most Beautiful Website Award.
  14. Damien Mulley, who obviously gets it.



Check here for more commentary and pics.



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