Palin as President

Is it safe to say that McCain-Palin are beyond a joke yet? After all, people did say that Bush couldn’t be re-elected. Not safe yet? Ok, here’s more fuel for the fire (via the very talented and attractive Freddownload his music, peoples!)



  1. christianliberal

    I’m just as worried about Todd Palin.
    He sits in on all her meetings.
    He was a member of a group that wants Alaska to break with the US.
    It just might be another Dick Cheney – – a fellow who works on oil rigs in the Oval office.
    Add that to the fact of McCain having recurring skin cancer, and well . . .

  2. eguinan

    Interesting stuff. Hasn’t he been taking the heat over Troopergate? Surely that will be enough to sway a good few undecided voters away from Palin?

    Mike A: It’ll all be over soon! 🙂

  3. eguinan

    Cute? Moi? 🙂 Good to hear from you again P. I’ll send you a regular email – nice site btw!

    @Asteri: “Sumthin’stan!” It looks like she is pretty much going to cost the Republicans the election. Yay!

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