iTunes Censor ‘Love’ (B******s)

The iTunes madness of u***g a*******s on vaguely rude words that started in the Irish store has now spread to the UK store. The heads over at Popjustice are having a g*y old time finding r**e words to p**y with.

I note that Sex On Fire is no longer on the blacklist, but Kanye West’s L**e Lockdown is. The evil, insidious Céline Dion is one tragic victim of the asterisk attack with sensitive iTunes users being protected from her wanton use of that four-letter word. Similarly, the kids are shielded from that brassy Cecilia Ahern’s  flagrant disrespectful use of the offending word in the audiobook of PS: I L**e You.

Meanwhile, you can download most of Anal Cunt‘s back catalogue unrestricted. Hooray!

It seems that ‘love’ is truly a four-letter word in Appleland.
Silly b******s.

UPDATE: A***e have broken their silence. It’s a database glitch and they’re not sure why it’s h*******g it seems. What japes!



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