The election’s over…

…. What on earth are we going to talk about now?

Scanning the UK Independent yesterday, I got a bit teary reading this opinion piece from amazingly-named Baratunde Thurston. He writes:

And what a ride this has been. The manner of this campaign is as important as its ultimate outcome. Grassroots organising met peer-to-peer networked technologies, learnedfrom old school campaigning and was remixed through new school art. And it won. We won! Our new president. Our new president, Barack Hussein Obama, truly represents us, America and the world.

 It is not simply that we chose, but also that we rejected.

We rejected smears and race-baiting and Muslim-baiting and desperation. We rejected so much history and so many rules that have bound us to the way things have been and are supposed to be. We rejected fear. Most importantly, we rejected fear.

Full article over at the Independent.



  1. travelling, but not in love

    Such great news for America and for the rest of us who are affected by their foreign policies….

    I was there on election night, in Grant Park, Chicago at the Obama victory rally when the announcement came through.

    I’m not sure I’ve ever seen so many happy, joyful, teary people in one place…

  2. flippyman

    A friend of mine was at Grant park, she said it was an event that she will be able to tell her grandchildren. “Have you heard about the night Obama won? I was there” she says she will say.

  3. flippyman

    Yes, it was history in the making. She even wrote an article about her experience. Ok, I asked her to in order to post it on my blog (giving her credit, of course). Just click on my name and look for the November articles if you care to take a look at it.

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