Obvious Future No. 1: Leona does Snow Patrol…

… and totally nails it. ‘Run’ was rather epic to begin with, but somewhat ‘understated epic’ as indie bands are wont to do. So along comes Leona and turns it into a belter, but not in a nauseating Whitney overcooked wobbly-throat ballad way.

Christmas No. 1 anyone? It’s got a killer chord change and is a good proper quiet-to-loud tune after all.



  1. travellingbut not in love

    yeah, it has christmas number one written all over it. I like it, but then it’s a great combination, no? Snow Patrol and Miss Leona…

    Not as good as the Snow Patrol / Martha Wainwright collaboration though….I love that soooo much.

  2. eguinan

    Lottie, I reckon that was their plan, and she does have a pretty voice.

    Doktoh & Orn, people are so eager to get this track that a karaoke version ‘in the style of Leona Lewis’ has managed to chart in the UK. And Snow Patrol’s version has re-entered the Top 30.

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