Empire Of The Sun BBC Sound Of 2009 Tip

Sam La More Remix of Walking on a Dream.


The Beeb do this every year and the acts they tip do tend to go on to success. Last year Adele topped the poll followed by Duffy, The Ting Tings and Glasvegas. See?

So, I’m practically vomiting with excitement to learn that Empire Of The Sun have made the longlist for 2009. The band are very popular round these parts and have been for some time since Walking On A Dream appeared in August. Follow up single We Are The People may be my top track of the year (working on the list at the mo, have patience as Gary Barlow might say).

Of course if they win, and become super famous, I’ll totally go off them and say “I knew them when they were nothing” and cry a little into my pillow every night until the next Prefab Sprout album comes out. 

Anyway, here is a suitably deranged interview they did with Auntie Beeb. And best of luck!



  1. eguinan

    Orn, I get lucky every now and again!

    TBNIL: the MGMT album has slowly crept into focus over the year. Time to Pretend is the big hook and then Kids and Electric Feel sneak in. Good stuff.

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