Top 40 Tracks of 2008 21-40

No preamble. Let’s go…..


21. Bryn Christopher: Smilin’

Because we needed another pretty young soul boy with near histrionic vocals. 

22. Martha Wainwright: So Many Friends

Album number 2 not quite as amazing as the first, but she did have some production fairy dust more liberally sprinkled this time.

23. Dizzee Rascal, Calvin Harris and Chrome: Dance Wiv Me

None more English and much greater than the sum of its parts. Boppability guaranteed.

24. Notus feat. Shena: Still In Love With You (Tom Novy Remix)

Another faceless piece of house than somehow leapt off the iPod and became for one glorious five minutes, the most poignant thing I had ever heard. And then I got sober again.

25. Mark Brown feat. Sarah Cracknell; The Journey Continues

Yes, that operatic vocal from the bank ad turned into an amazing/annoying floorfiller with some help from her from Saint Etienne.

26. Sam Sparro: Black And Gold

Dapper Aussie’s standout piece of wonky pop. Great video too which has ’embedding disabled by request’ [rolls eyes].

27. Steve Mac: Paddy’s Revenge

Utterly demented house track with a vaguely Irish-sounding accordian sample running through it. The crowd went apeshit when I played this at the London gig.

28. Joan As Police Woman: To Be Lonely

Ms Wasser et al returned with more tasteful melancholia. This track tries (too hard?) to be Real Life Pt II. Still great though.

29. Kanye West: Love Lockdown

This is here because I admire enormous hip hop stars who randomly turn to 80s synths and AutoTune to purge their inner demons while dividing their fanbase in two in the process.

30. Sebastien Tellier: Divine

Cheeky devil represented France in the Eurovision with this and – dammit to hell – didn’t win.


31. Filo & Peri feat Eric Lumiere: Anthem

Because occasionally I feel a little Clubcore Bangin’ Mental 7.

32. Little Boots: Meddle (Designer Drugs 80s Coke Remix)

And I’m still going. Sounds like Michael Sembello getting into a punch up with Bonnie Tyler.

33. Morgan Page feat. Lissie: The Longest Road (Deadmau5 Remix)

Grammy-nominated remix no less! Classy bitch.

34. Usher: Moving Mountains

When he plaintively sings ‘Just leave me be. Just leave me be’, it sounds like it’s directed at Ne Yo and Akon and whatever other four-letter usurpers that have appeared. Usher still has better tits though.

35. Ashlee Simpson: Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya)

Pretend it’s not by Ashlee Simpson, you horrid prejudiced people. It’s pop-bonkers-tastic in a B52s/Ting Tings way (oh shit, I forgot the Ting Tings…)

36. The Killers: Human

Pet Shop Boys meets Johnny Cash.

37. Fleet Foxes: White Winter Hymnal

A good example of the sudden-enough trend of American bands being rather cerebral and literary. And hairy.

38. Kylie Minogue: The One (Freemasons Remix)

Freemasons do a flawless remix. Kylie’s best single in aeons. Lowest chart result yet. Oops.

39. The Drill feat. Firetruck & Antartica: Piano Mano

Utterly ridiculous track that may have been made for people on drugs. KNOCKOUT when the first seemingly interminable build up breaks into a glorious deep farty bass explosion.

40. Moony: I Don’t Know Why (Jerome D’isma-Ae Remix)

I have a soft spot for lovely Monica ‘Moony’ Bragato. Great powerful voice that we first heard on DB Boulevard’s Point Of View and since then she has made at least three fantastic proper song dance tracks. Bless!



Right, 20 to 11 soon, pop pickers. 



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  2. orn

    I’m rather dissapointed that you don’t think more highly of White Winter Hymnal, a sure top 3 contender on my list!!

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