Top 40 Tracks 2008 – 20-11

Ok, so let’s do the counting backwards stuff cos it’s so goddamned suspenseful!

20. Radiohead: Nude

The standout track on In Rainbows, yet it only truly came to life for me when they held their remix competition earlier in the year. The Thomas Dolby version is particularly lovely.


19. Antony & The Johnsons: Another World

He snuck in there  right at the end, but he lead track on the EP is another gorgeous slice of ethereal oddness. (not the last you’ll hear of Antony either in this countdown…)


18. Janet Jackson: Feedback

Pop music from the future: amazingly saucy and silly and sonically amazing. How HOW did this flop?


17.  Goldfrapp: A&E

“Ok, we’re tired of being robo-perv electro glam. What next? Pastoral folk? Fine.”


16. Lisa Hannigan: Pistachio

The album is oddly emotionless apart from this standout track. And even this one veers a bit too close to the Fallon & Byrne pseudo pixie stuff. (“Ms Hannigan doesn’t like her photo taken. You might show it to the toadstool thieves!”)


15. Santogold: L.E.S. Artistes

No idea what she’s on about, but she’s barfing gold stuff on her cd sleeve so it must be good.


14. MGMT: Time to Pretend

See also: Kids, Electric Feel. ANTHEM!


13. Meck: So Strong (Inpetto remix)

It turns Hold That Sucker Down by OT Quartet into a 2008 poppers-aloft trancey anthem. (I’m reading too much Popjustice methinks).


12. Wiley: Wearing My Rolex

“What do we do?” “Usually drink usually dance usually bubble” 

Better video:


11. feat. Cheryl Cole: Heartbreaker

Immaculate production for the radio. Just immaculate. 


10 to 1 on the way! Will it be Alexandra Burke? (No.)



  1. themilkman

    Is it me or have Goldfrapp gone from really interesting to down right cool to utterly boring? Felt Mountain was stunning, Black Cherry was so utterly sharp, but since their stuff’s been abismal. I always felt Supernature was sub-standard and was hoping for a new found energy it their latest album, but I struggle to listen to it all the way through because it is so weak and flimsy. Biggest disappointtment of the year? At least!

  2. eguinan

    First, welcome back themilkman!

    Goldfrapp for me are a tad odd in that while I have the first three cds, I would hardly ever choose to listen to them. Yet, when tracks come up on random, I’m impressed. Black Cherry is easily the best though. That said, A&E and Clowns are quite beautiful. The Guardian gave away a gorgeous live version of Clowns if you can get your hands on it (if not, I’ll pass it on). From what you’re saying though, I might ease off a purchase.

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