2009 Good Year for Music?

2006 was the last really ace year for albums IMHO, especially when it came to discovering new acts.


And some of those acts are popping out again and I have my torrent searches primed and my Mastercard at the ready.

It has got off to a good start with the new Antony & The Johnsons album, The Crying Light. From what I have heard, it’s just as emotionally wrenching as I Am A Bird Now.

Also very excited about the next Neko Case work: Middle Cyclone. I discovered Ms Case through one of the fab cover mounted CDs that come with The Word magazine and previous album Fox Confessor Brings The Flood is stunningly good. She’s being a clever lass and has put a nice teaser video on YouTube. My appetite is duly whetted.


Danish progpoppers/popproggers Mew inform us on their MySpace that ‘the mixing has begun’ on the follow up to And The Glass Handled Kites. I, for one, hope that it is just as full as that album was of jazzy chord changes, kitchen sink arrangements, soaring choruses and incomprehensible lyrics i.e. soaked in ambition.

Here is a peep at Why Are You Looking Grave?

Who else? Well, my fondness for Empire Of The Sun since last summer is now being matched by the love they are getting by the critics over here now, so while I have the album, I’m looking forward to some groovy remixes, extra tracks and maybe even some dates.

Paddy McAloon (and whoever else is calling him/herself a Prefab Sprout) is back this year, rumour have it. McAloon is one of those acts that I just can’t understand won’t embrace the freedom that the interwebs can give an artist. He has a singular vision, but keeps looking to the old model of the big record company deal. However, there is some talk that  the next venture has some connection with Mojo magazine, so perhaps Paddy has discovered his inner Prince.

Here’s Paddy & Martin McAloon talking about 2001’s The Gunman And Other Stories.


The Pets are back, back, BACK! March sees the release of Yes with a single ‘Love Etc’ also on the way. PSB are also getting a Brit for Outstanding Contribution to Music in February which is well-deserved seeing as, from my perspective, the quality of their output has actually improved as they have gotten older.

Astonishingly, if Love Etc makes the Top 30, it will be their fortieth hit with most of those going Top 20. Amazing.

Here’s the rather wonderful ‘Flamboyant’ from 2004.


So, what are you looking forward to in 2009?



  1. robin

    The inevitable Smiths reunion tour. And the Biggie Smalls biopic, which (if the subway ad campaign I saw yesterday in Union Square is anything to go by) will be the greatest motion picture since ‘Citizen Kane’.

  2. eguinan

    TBNIL, I’d imagine they will do some kind of tour. Last time I saw em was in Dublin a couple of Hallowe’en’s ago and they were pretty great.

    Robin, I haven’t seen anything of that movie, but I can imagine that quite a lot of gold/diamond encrusted lettering is involved.

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