“Internet of the Year”: Van Halen vs Microsoft Songsmith

Microsoft have a public beta of software called Songsmith. Some think it’s a response to Apple’s Garageband, but, oh my, it’s oh-so-much more than Apple’s pedestrian effort.

Basically, it’s genius. You sing into it and – get this – the software composes music to match your vocals. The future is now!

Let’s watch Microsoft’s promo for Songsmith:

Ok, once you have gotten over your desire to slap everyone involved in that clip (cute brown boy from 2:13 included and why was the little brat at the beginning using a Mac?), and stopped your ears bleeding, let’s move on.

It didn’t take long before the evil hive intelligence of the interwebs began to subvert the intentions of the software. One particularly evil genius decided to run Dave Lee Roth’s OTT vocal to Van Halen’s Runnin’ With The Devil through Songsmith

And he turned the happy slider to full.


The original post is worth reading for the comments. Further proof that fucking around with technology and copyright brings unlimited joy! Glory!

{If you are a total masochist, you can download the track here, but do visit the original poster’s page and buy his amazing t-shirt!}


  1. eguinan

    Wow indeed, and I for one am hoping to contribute to the preposterousness. That Leona Lewis acappella is currently trembling in fear on my hard drive…..

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