Hype! Animal Collective: Merriweather Post Pavilion

They say: 

What’s more important is that Merriweather Post Pavilion is not just one of the finest things you’re going to hear in 2009 but that it should sit well next to albums like Kid A on lists of the best music made in our time.  Delusions of Adequacy

 …one of the most pleasing, enjoyably rich and rewarding releases of the past decade… Sputnikmusic

It feels like one of the landmark American albums of the century so far. Uncut

Time may very well lend Merriweather Post Pavilion a legend extraordinary enough to faithfully capture its myriad treasures. No Ripcord


I say:

Um, it’s OK.


Animal Collective: My Girls

Check out the fuss on iTunes or whatever torrent client you employ.



  1. robin

    The most interesting thing about this album is the name – the primary outdoor concert venue of my youth – otherwise, I remain unmoved by these Brooklyn moppets and their street team of frothing acolytes.

  2. alan

    I concur! The magic that is promised with all the hype hasn’t hit me yet. I’ve listened a couple of times and I couldn’t recall a single tune if you asked me to!

    But, this might just change. Ane Brun’s offering from last year I threw by the way side, and nearly fell over myself listening to it over and over last week, after I rediscovered it.

  3. Daddy or Chips?

    Robin: I know nothing about them at all, but am not terribly surprised to learn that they might be a tad, well, *precious*.

    Alan: I really love when an album unexpectedly ambushes you every now and again. The Sleepy Jackson album was like that for me. A big overproduced messy glob on first listens and then it just came into wonderful HD focus!

  4. themilkman

    I thought I’d try to give a slightly different angle to this, having been a fan of these guys for some years now.

    Animal Collective have been releasing some amazing records in the 9 years they’ve been around, a few of them which have blown me away completely and still do to this day, but none quite as much as Merriweather. This is maybe their most accessible record to date, but still, I appreciate their sound can take a while to get into. It certainly did me a little while. They sound like about nothing else around, and are certainly far removed from the blend of pop that seems to be around at the moment, and all the better for it. They are, like Antony & The Johnsons, CocoRosie, JoannaNewsom or Devandra Banhart, magnificent oddballs who bring much more to music as a whole than the entire top 20 would do in any given week.

    That Animal Collective may not be to everybody’s taste I can understand, but I doubt they could be accused of being precious. They are not Radiohead, that’s for sure. And they are not your everyday run of the mill indie rock band either. They may just be worth a bit of perseverence.

  5. themilkman

    Oh, as for not being able to remember a single tune, I did experience the same thing with this album as you Alan, but then suddenly My Girls started making sense, and Brother Sport, and the one after another, melodies started taking shape until it’s become also too much to cope with.

    I would also recommand to check Panda Bear’s utterly excellent solo album Person Pitch, published a couple of years ago. Panda Bear (Noah Lennox) is one of the two AC lead singers.

  6. eguinan

    Thanks for that, themilkman. It’s good to hear another (passionate) perspective on AC.

    One of the problems (as always) is having perhaps too much perspective about these acts. I had never heard of the act and was impressed at the huge praise from the usual reputable sources (and Metacritic does serve its purpose pretty well usually). So we learn about their pedigree and their origins etc and try to take that on board, mindful that the work ideally should be able to work without the history/context too. And then…. well, underwhelming stuff on first listens.

    However, we are no strangers to the underwhelming album on first listen: Sleepy Jackson, Mew, Paddy McAloon, Scritti’s last two – all disappointing of downright baffling and then later emerging as spectacular. None of these albums came with the huge expectation associated with AC’s album though, so they never had as far too fall.

    That said, some of the hooks are beginning to emerge from the Big Soupy Mess, and we’ll keep it on the iPod for another couple of months and report back. I like the ‘too much to cope with’ part!

  7. themilkman

    Keep up with the big soupy mess, I’m pretty sure it’ll be rewarding in time.

    Went to see them live at the wonderful Koko on the day the album was released and they were pretty good. So much so that I’m coin to see them again she they return to London in March.

  8. robert

    isn’t it a bit weird they’re like 30….and uncut etc are like a million…maybe they think they can associate with them more this way and access the youths. and get monnney.or something.

    and they are literally the shittiest band live. i would rather throw up on a hedgehog that go see them live again.

    • eguinan

      ‘Throw up on a hedgehog’ I shall have to work that into a Facebook update somewhere!

      Alas, MPP still not ‘doing it’ for me. M. Ward and Antony have monopolised the non-pop/house quotient thus far in 2009.

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