Cool New Thing: Spotify

Where did this come from?

Spotify is a very cool app that looks a bit like iTunes, streams music at a high quality almost instantly and is perfectly legal.

It’s invite only at the moment (and not available in Ireland it seems), but I have some invites if anyone wants to try (email me daddyorchipsblog[at]

It has a very impressive range of tracks, so one can listen to albums or artists that one wouldn’t normally pursue. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at some Quincy Jones’ back catalogue, Girls Aloud doing Je Ne Parle Pas Francais, and all sorts of stuff.

You know those tracks that are totally out of character for an act? The ones that make you go ‘Huh?’. I’m thinking of when Eurythmics came back in 1987 after a string of hits with the utterly mad Beethoven (I Love To Listen To). Paul McCartney and his Frog Chorus. So, I’ve created a playlist called When Decent Acts Go A Bit Batshit. I look forward to your suggestions.



  1. themilkman

    Been playing with this forabout amonth now,and one of thegreat things with it is that you can link to and have it track what you listen to like on iTunes. The only annoying thing when you listen to an album for free is that you’ve got ads popping up inthe middle. Id rather only have banner ads. You get the option of no ads against a few pennies so it’s not all bad.

    There seem to be a good selection of genres and lbums on offer, although I gets a bit more patchy away from the mainstream.

  2. eguinan

    I read somewhere that they’ve signed a deal with a lot of the independents recently and that 250,000 new tracks with be added soon. Sounds good!

    And so far I’ve only had banner ads. Long may it continue.

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