New Pet Shop Boys single: Love Etc.

Lead single from forthcoming album, Yes (23rd March). Produced by Xenomania (of Girls Aloud fame). 

I’m not feeling it as a Top Ten chart stormer, but it would be a great b-side.

UPDATE: I’m totally into it now. And the other half liked it on first listen and he’s no PSB fan.



  1. themilkman

    Absolutely fucking loving this at the moment. A bit of an unusual PSB track it felt at first, but very PSB at the same time. Been playing this on YouTube quite heavily, and it’s triggered another thirst for PSB goodies. Really lookin forward to the album.

  2. eguinan

    Odd, isn’t it? The only lead track from a PSB that really knocked me off my feet on first listen was IDK – I thought it was most amazingly stylish and perfectly crafted, modern etc. This sounded a bit undercooked at first, but it’s certainly a great pop single with, gasp, crossover appeal!

  3. themilkman

    I think what puzzled me about Love Etc is that it seems to have no verse as such. It feels like it jumps straight to the bridge, then chorus, then something that doesn’t quite resemble a verse, then bridge again and so on. Perhaps that’s just me mind, but it doesn’t feel like the bit that goes “Well it’s tough getting on in the world…” is what I’d recognise as a proper verse. It’s like a pop song, but one that’s been assembled the wrong way round.

    I guess IDK is actually IDKWYWBICGIA… There’s a kinda bell sound in the chorus that I really love. Don’t ask. Favourite PSB track for me is Some Speculation, which was one of the additional tracks on the Yesterday When I Was Map single. It’s just got that really strong haunting feel I think, gives me goose bumps every time. That was actually one of the exceedingly brilliant ‘B-sides’ they did around that time, songs that should have been main singles in their own right, like Shameless, Too Many People… There are so many great songs they’ve done… Being Boring, IDK, October Symphony, Violence, Two Divided By Zero…

    A couple of years ago, I made a compilation of my favourite PSB tracks for a friend who wanted to ‘catch up on years’, and ended up with 33 tracks, and still, I couldn’t put everything I wanted to. The Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution To Music is very much deserved I feel.

    Oh, and there’s the small detail of Neil’s voice being one of the sexiest male voices I know.

  4. Daddy or Chips?

    I think that’s a Xenomania trademark: having pop tracks with unexpectedly weird structures. The best example of this is Biology by Girls Aloud, which is a three-minute pop song by a manufactured girl band which seems to go: Chorus, Bridge, Chorus (sorry, thought the first one was the chorus), Another Bridge (different one), Chorus (oops, this is the real one, forget the other two), Another Bridge (same as before), song stops and starts again, Chorus (kind of). It’s just weird and still managed to be a big hit. Spotify: spotify:track:5gVFOj7whQCfMoXNXePOIt

    Funny, I know exactly what you mean about the bell sound in IDK. I love that – crystalline, modern, sophisticated, poignant. (What *are* we like, dissecting a frickin keyboard tinkle…)

    Alternative is probably their most satisfying album. Not many acts can say the same about a collection of B sides. And so many fantastic ones since then (The Resurrectionist, Hit And Miss, The Boy Who Couldn’t…, Always, Sexy Northerner).

  5. themilkman

    I forgot about that Girls Aloud one. I remember thinking WTF when I first heard it, bit it was a bit of a grower, wasn’t it. I must admit that as far a good pop is concerned, and and the Sugababes are pretty cool compared to some of the dreary things we’ve had in recent years.

  6. Erika

    Loving Love Etc!
    I had to listen to it at least twice before reaching to the conclusion that it love it. Not sure what my thoughts were at first…. they are now forgotten.

  7. eguinan

    @Erike. Me too. I didn’t feel it until a couple of listens. it’s a very very good pop single. All Over The World sounds like it will be even better!

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